Recommended Training Places

These are schools where I have had the honour of training directly with or learning from the Head instructor(s). People who I consider to be my mentors. While I will not be familiar with all the instructors teaching at the same school, I would presume that they would carry on the same philosophies, perspectives, and training approaches of their leaders, whom I respect, endorse, and recommend. Note that not all instructors have websites to which they can be deferred or only Facebook pages which may have privacy settings. Please contact me directly if you would like information on how they can be reached.

Recommended Training Schools/Instructors (listed alphabetically by region):

Vancouver, British Columbia

Ancient Fire Dojo

Academie Duello 

Ikatan Kali (Guro Louie Lindo)

Maelstrom Martial Arts

Urban Survival Systems

Victoria, British Columbia

Eke Academy of Martial Arts

Calgary, Alberta

Western Canada Martial Arts Academy

Seattle, Washington

Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute of Seattle, Woodinville, WA

MKG Martial Arts, Seattle, WA

Seattle Integrated Martial Arts, Seattle, WA

United Source Muay Thai, Kirkland, WA


The Source Academy/River City Warriors, Portland (Tigard), OR


Bahala Na Martial Arts, Stockton, CA

Bahala Na Multi-Style, Stockton, CA

Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts, Marine del Rey, CA

Mikita School of Martial Art, Los Angeles, CA

Original Giron Escrima, Vallejo CA

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about curriculum, classes, or workshops, or any other aspect of Warrior Zen Martial Arts, please contact us.