Advanced Street Self-Defense Workshop

Warrior Zen Head Instructor Brent Matsuda teams again with former Police Officer and Owner of Code 5 Fitness Tricia Dong to provide an advanced, co-ed workshop for those who have taken the introductory Street Self Defense workshop. Building and refining techniques from Level 1, this workshop will add to your repertoire of skills needed to build your confidence and help defend against attack methods commonly used by violent offenders.

What you'll learn

  • Ground Defense such as dealing with someone mounted on top of you and pinning your arms; kicking techniques from the ground (based on silat)
  • Weapons of opportunity such as pocket flashlight and flexible weapons (e.g., jackets, purses, etc. adapted from SE Asian sarong techniques).
  • How to pull someone off a person they're beating on the ground
  • Dealing with headlocks, reviewing defenses against chokes, bear hugs, being picked up and carried, etc.
  • ... and anything else you'd like to ask about in situations where you may be overpowered or dealing with multiple attackers.

Dress Code: Please wear comfortable workout sweat clothes (e.g., yoga attire). We will be working on a padded training floor so there will be no shoes allowed on the matted floor and no clothes with zippers or other accessories that may tear or scratch the mats.

Date: Friday, May 25, 6-8pm

Location: Ancient Fire Dojo, 15 West 2nd Ave. (at Ontario St.), Vancouver, BC

Cost: Earlybird registration by Friday, May 18 is $45/person, $55 by Tues., May 22 and $60 at the door (if space). Class size will be limited to 20 people max.

If you would like to schedule a private workshop (personal or corporate) or would like information on upcoming training seminars, please contact us.

To register, contact Brent Matsuda at: or (604) 788-2224.

Instructors Tricia Dong of Code 5 Fitness and Brent Matsuda of Warrior Zen Martial Arts

Participants of the last self defense workshop held at the Dancey Ballroom